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"Zach was a great Realtor who helped us so much through the first-time home buying process. He was ready to answer any questions at all hours with a great deal of knowledge. He was always so quick to respond which really helped put our concerns at ease whenever something arose. As a first-time homebuyer, this process was so confusing, and Zach cleared up every question I had. He recommended great people to work with throughout the process as well to ensure we had a smooth escrow. Can't recommend him enough and if we ever end up selling or buying again, we'll definitely come back to Zach!"

-- Hana R., November 2019

"Zach truly went above and beyond helping my fiance and I find our home. Beginning to end, he was incredibly responsive by phone and email and also would make himself available in person whenever. Further, he played an instrumental role in helping us completely change our buying strategy mid-way through the buying experience, ultimately landing us in our dream home in Needham and for under asking price! We couldn't be more thrilled and would recommend him to anyone. He is flexible, smart, committed and a true partner in real estate."

-- Alexa S., September 2019


“Buying a house in the Boston area can be a nightmare process. Zach not only made the process easy, but also enjoyable due to his personality. After getting an understanding of what we were looking for Zach was proactive in finding us the right places to look at. He then handled a lot of the correspondence between our attorney and lender, and was very patient with us being first-time homebuyers. I would highly recommend Zach to anybody looking to buy or sell a home in Boston.”

-- Pratik B. and Krishna P., October 2016

"I can’t say enough about my Realtor, Zach Christman, and the job he did in both selling our home as well as taking care of the paperwork and logistics that go into a smooth transaction.  What was supposed to be a stressful time was completely stress-free, all thanks to Zach.  He went above and beyond and did it all with energy and enthusiasm throughout the entire process.  Thank you, Zach, for treating our home sale like it was your own, and for doing all the behind-the-scenes work so smoothly that we didn’t even know we had to do it until it was already done!"

-- Russ K. August 2016

"We were so fortunate to work with Zach on the purchase of our first house. He is experienced, honest and accessible. We would not be happily settled in our home today without him. After working with us for several months, he dropped everything on a Saturday afternoon when the perfect house for us came on the market. He helped us quickly draft a competitive offer, reached out to the seller's agent to express our strong interest and helped us win the house over several other bidders.

“We are so grateful for Zach's efforts, and highly recommend him to anyone overwhelmed and discouraged with the seemingly Herculean task of buying a house in the Boston area.”

-- Mary W., March 2016

“My husband and I worked with Zach Christman and could not have had a more seamless and successful experience. Home buying and selling can be, and usually is, such a stressful life transition. We immediately trusted Zach with his extensive knowledge of the process. He was able to accommodate our busy scheduled and made this process easier for our family. He was always in close communications with us which made us feel that we were never left with an unanswered question. We purchased our dream home and sold our first home all in a short time frame thanks to all of Zach's help and guidance!”

-- Kaitlin S., March 2016

"As first time home buyers, my husband and I were (and will likely continue to be) clueless as to the methods and process of purchasing a home.  We did what you would expect your first time home buyers do -- check out zillow/trulia/redfin, go to open houses, then go home and forget exactly what we saw/learned at these websites and house visits.  We knew we needed to buy a house, but there was no push/incentive to do so -- until we found out we were expecting a baby. 

"This is how Zach entered our lives.  He was highly recommended by a colleague of mine and so I thought to call him and make an appointment.  I called on a weekday and THAT weekend, he had put together a comprehensive list of houses that were within our price range and desired location.  He looked at each house with us and was very helpful in providing a pro/cons list per house. 

"When we finally selected the house we wanted, he recommended the inspector, mortgage lender, and lawyer -- all of whom were AWESOME!  He held our hand with each and every step - from how to make an offer, to how to negotiate pricing, to vendors/service providers recommendations. 

"The one thing that stood out was Zach's responsiveness. I have a Type A personality and I'm not a patient woman. Whenever I had a question, Zach responded within minutes! If he did not know the answer immediately, he would respond by telling me he will find out the answer and will get back to me in a few. We (especially me) appreciated this tremendously! Buying a house is stressful enough and having a responsive Realtor really makes a difference!"

-- Zechariah and Christine M., February 2016

“We recently sold my father’s home in Newton. My father recently passed away and it was a very difficult decision to sell it. We called three real estate firms, including Hammond.  Zach Christman came to my dad’s home and immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease with the decision. He did not pressure us and listened to exactly what we wanted. He was professional and very easy to work with. He sold our home after the first open house with four offers over asking.

“My profession brings me in contact with many Realtors. Zach is above them all. I will use Zach and recommend him to everyone. Thank you for a job well done, knowing the sensitivity of the situation.”

--Armando P., January 2016

When my wife and I decided to sell our home, I initially met with Zach based on a highly positive recommendation, and I was instantly impressed.  My wife encouraged me to interview several Realtors and we met with no less than five other agents, including one whose face is plastered on every bench and bus in town.  We chose Zach, hands down.  He clearly understood our goals and put our priorities ahead of everything else.  It was apparent early on that he had a solid mastery of the market in our area.  Most impressive was the plethora of resources at his disposal.  Everything from bankers to lawyers, plumbers to electricians.  He had an answer to every problem.  It goes without saying that any transaction will have its ups and downs.  We had our fair share of hurdles, but Zach paved a smooth path over each hurdle encountered.  From marketing to successful open houses, Zach made a dizzying and stressful process into an experience that was smooth and almost fun.  When it’s time for me to sell or buy my next home, Zach will be the first one I call.”

-- Joe M., November 2015

“As first-time homebuyers, my wife and I littered Zach with questions from day 1 and he took each one with great patience and professionalism. He helped us look at various locations, and even offered up suggestions he thought we may like. Not once did we feel pressure from him. In fact, there were times when I forgot he was a Realtor and thought he was a friend who happened to know a lot about real estate. After one particular house, I remember saying ‘Whatever is the complete opposite of the house we just saw is what we want.’ We all laughed.

“Ultimately, we ended up in a house from one of Zach's suggestions because he knew the area and we fell in love with it immediately. We've been beyond happy with it ever since and I can't thank Zach enough.”

-- Francis M., November 2015

“I cannot recommend Zach highly enough! From the minute I informed him of exactly what I was looking for, he was patient and steered me in the right direction every step of the way. When my ideal property came onto the market, it was with Zach's quickness and knowledge that we were able to secure it. To top it all off, he is an absolute pleasure to work with, and his guidance made my experience seamless and enjoyable.”

-- Tania W., October 2015

"I have worked with Zach for a few years, for buying my own home and rental property. During this time, I was very happy to learn that Zach is a very experienced broker in this area. He is always attentive to our needs, very patient, and helpful during the negotiation process. His enthusiasm, diligence, and constructive advice have made him my go-to broker who I would recommend to anyone without hesitation."

-- Yong D., October 2015

"During a stressful stretch of time (when is moving and house searching relaxing?!?), Zach stepped in and met every need and expectation that we had as home buyers.  He listened to our feedback about a range of properties and very quickly came to understand the subtle nuances that made a home appealing. He was flexible with his schedule, readily available to answer questions, professional, and punctual. Quite simply, Zach is a top notch agent.  He comes with the highest of recommendations and without hesitation is the one we would recommend to our closest friends and family."

-- Brian and Becca P., October 2015

“Zach handled the sale of my condo with the utmost professionalism.  He was responsive and insightful, and projected the market value of my property perfectly so I knew I was getting as much value in the sale as possible, as quickly as possible.  In addition, he streamlined the closing process by coordinating and motivating the attorneys on both sides of the agreement.  My sale couldn’t have gone any smoother.”

-- Peter B., October 2015

“Zach was fantastic to work with!  We moved to Boston from the Midwest with a vague list of things we did and did not want, but no real knowledge of what we could afford or where.  From the very beginning, it was clear that Zach was the right person to guide us in our real estate transaction.  He's engaging, thoughtful and measured, he knows exactly what he's doing, and he is the kind of partner everyone should be lucky enough to work with.   He helped us through every step of the process, always making himself available, always calming us down when we needed it, and keeping us positive and determined when we hit a bump in the road.  He was the voice of reason in what was, for us, a very significant life event.  My wife and I can't recommend him highly enough and would be happy to provide more details to anyone who's considering working with Zach.”

-- Mark D., October 2015

"Zach is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in the industry. Being a first-time homebuyer, Zach was able to educate, guide and offer advice throughout the entire process. I am very lucky to have worked with such a professional."

-- Brittany M., October 2015